Saturday, March 6, 2010


When i was giving the GATE exam(on 14th Feb/Valentine's day) i didnt think that the upcoming days are more tougher than this exam for me.Because after that I got into Salmonella Typhi  (commonly known as  typhoid fever  :) ) .It was really hard to recover from it.It almost take 25 days.Even I couldn't able to give my this sem's internal exams... :D :(

I want to write something after an experience of GATE exam(CS-Computer Science).

1. Maths and System programming are  very important subjects for GATE.(and ORS also because we have to write/tick answers in this sheet :P )

2. If next year,they remove/decrease the portion of maths or in other words If I can learn maths (which is quite tougher) than I can crack GATE :)

3.I just love apptitude tests now,So I'll definitely try to appear in next year's GATE exam.

@ the end:-

"tel malish" song from the movie "Road,Movie" coolest remix.really looking forward for movie also.