Monday, November 2, 2009


I love movies. I think they also can teach us lessons with entertainment. I was inspired by many movies. So I decided to publish such kind of posts regularly. Actually I had already 2-3 posts about single movie reviews. These are the some more movie names I shown recently.

1. What’s your Rashee? :- Fantabulous. ખુબ જ સરસ છે.Ashutosh Govarikar proves him-selves once again, and under his wonderful direction Piggy Chops(Priyanka Chopara) act superb (She is at her best.).Too many hilarious moments. I already read about the novel ( and also about it’s author Madu Ray sir.) on which this film is based from Urvish Kothari and Jay Vasavda.I like films which are based on novels/books.

2.All the best :- Typically Rohit Shetty’s movie. They forced you to laugh.

3.Wake up sid :- I already wrote about this movie.It’s simple and good.

4.Wanted. :- Full on masala movie. Salman act well as a tapori.

5.Taare Zameen Par :- I shown it 7th times,though couldn’t found words to explain it.

6.Deewana :- Late. Divya Bharti,Rishi Kapoor and Sharukh Khan starrer. Only for Late Divya Bharti 4th or 6th time.It has lovely songs.

7.Prahar :- I couldn’t believe that Nana Patekar could direct such a nice movie.I always like this kind of commando/spy related movies.

8. 99 :- very nice comedy movie.

9. The Madagascar :- Super cool animation and fantastic Hindi dialogues. (Thanks to Alok for referring this movie and thanks to Rohan for giving me it’s Hindi version.)

10.The Prestige :- Mind-blowing movie, really thought provoking. Must watch.( Thanks to Taksh for referring this movie.)