Monday, October 26, 2009

Too many words at crossword.

I love books. It was my dream from childhood to visit the Crossword. Because it is located near to my uncle's house in Baroda, whenever I went to my uncle's home I wanted to visit it but at that time I was taught that books sold by them were too expensive & couldn't afforded by me. But now when I know the truth and I also had reason to bought 2 states. And we also had 2 free hours at Baroda railway station last week. So We (me & Mohit ) went to crossword. It was amazing , I want to leave there forever. It was impossible for me to visit each and every section thoroughly in just 2 hours. So I just took a look at all the sections and found some things which you can see in the picture. So finally when I went in the crossword my wallet had 500 INR and when I went out of the crossword it had null. :)