Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apple ipod with Windows vista ….!!(not an easy task.) :)

Tomorrow,my friend get his brand new ipod to me for copy some songs in it.it’s took my too much time because..,
->Now I know that it required application named “apple itunes”(and they also mentioned this thing in user manual.).so my friend went to internet download latest version of “itunes” because it wasn’t working with the  “itunes” version which I already have.
->After downloading latest version “itunes 8”,it displays that no Quickplayer installed it requires to install itunes.now the same occurred,I had already one quickplayer setup,I installed unfortunately that version is also older so I have to download latest version of quicktime player.(There were no clarification written about quickplayer in user manual of ipod.)
->after whole this procedure,when I clicked to “itunes.exe”.it displed message like
->   after so much try,I got tired and decide this whole exercise from the scrach at tomorrow and went to sleep.
->   Next day…………………..
First I uninstalled both the applications,I went to internet my self and download
Latest Quicktime player and itunes setup,after installing this latest software ,one new Error occurs,I forgot to take screenshot for that error,but after trying too many things I found that one process of older itunes version is still running,so I removed some junk files,using registry cleaner and all that after too many exercise I got itunes look like(it took my 3-4 hours,can you believe it?)
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ટુંક માં આ સફરજન ને (Apple itunes) બારિ(Windows) માં ગોઠવવા ઘણિ મથામણ કરવિ પડિ.. :)