Saturday, February 28, 2009


                                                 Late Sir C V Raman                                                    


Today(28 Feb.) is a 'NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY'.and i love science most..

National Science Day is celebrated all over the country on February 28 to mark the discovery of Raman Effect, which earned a Nobel prize for great Indian scientist Sir C V Raman in 1928.

Science is greatest gift given by the god to the human kind.

Now the day is mostly going to finish but i haven't any single SMS or mail related to day.i m not saying that number of SMSs or mails decides how much interest one have into the subject or not but there are too many pepole who don't know about this kind of day.i want to write something more about this but coudn't manage due to the shortage of time.i have to sign off.So for more detail please visit above link

happy national science day...!!