Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi..There r mainly 2 reasons behind starting my own blog
1)my sister always telling me to write something.(but i don't know about that something :) )
2) recently i attend the speech of my fav author Mr.Chetan Bhagat @ surat,who also talked about bloging.He also asked if anybody is writing thier blog then its good medium to know about pepoles views & reviews.(So ab unki baat ko koi kaise tal sakta hai!!).So thats why i m here becausé of that main 2 reasons.There many other resoans also there 4 starting blog like.May bè it Helps me to improve english & also improves typing speed :)
i m not good in direct interacting with pepole so this platform may helps me in it....Etc

Now generally in first blog pepole wrote about themself.But about myself the R&D is in process so when i found anything interesting about this process then i'll share it here.Ok thats all for first blog.Take care.God bless u all.